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Maram Biography

Maram K. Alaiwat, M.A.

Vice President of Business Development, Preferred Financial Partners
CEO, Maram Financial Services
Troy, Michigan

Professional Background and History

Prior to her transition to Preferred Financial Partners, Maram was a Partner with a Fortune 100 insurance company and has been an agent and Registered Representative since 2012. During her first 18 months in the financial industry at New York Life Insurance and Securities, Maram achieved both President's Council and Million Dollar Round Table* membership, and over a dozen awards including: Life Case Rate Leader Award, Life Stars Individual Life Award, Career Life Producer Award, LIMRA Award for Largest Life Insurance Face Amount, Rookie of the Year and New Associate of the Year Awards, the Life Foundation Award, the Greater San Francisco General Office MVP of the Year (Life Sales) Award, the Cultural Market Awards, and the Greater San Francisco General Office Agency Builder of the Year Award for 2015. Also, during her time in the high performing San Francisco based office, Maram was continuously appointed as part of office's leadership team and was a mentor to her fellow new agents. She used her training in conflict resolution and background in collaborative leadership to help mitigate challenging situations in a large office environment. As an effective advocate, Maram’s peers elected her to serve as a member of the San Francisco Office's Agent Advisory Board for three years in a row to represent their interests to management, and she remained on the Board throughout her time in San Francisco.

Maram relocated to a Detroit based office in October 2016 to be closer to elderly family. During her few short months in Detroit, Maram achieved a “Triple Crown Award” for production and “Agent of the Year” for 2016. She accomplished this while being an MDRT member and mentor and helping other agents and advisors become first time members of MDRT.

In late 2019, Maram realized that she could not expand on her interests in empowering and serving disenfranchised communities while being captive in a corporate position, and decided to start 2020 on a new footing. Since then, she has been an independent advisor and works with a team at Preferred Financial Partners of equally committed leaders who are focused on education and improving the quality of life for all communities.
While her primary office location is Troy, Michigan, Maram often travels with her Preferred Financial Partners team members to serve individuals, businesses, schools, clinics and university systems across the country. And within two years of working with her fellow partners and leaders at Preferred Financial Partners, Maram became the Senior Vice President of Business Development for the firm and trains and develops a large group of agents and advisors across multiple states. While she enjoys developing people, Maram also has a passion for building strategic business to business partnerships and encourages her mentees to continuously grow their networks and social impact.

Maram Alaiwat has a bachelor's degree in Health Services Administration from Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida and a Masters’ Degree in Collaborative Educational Leadership from Fielding Graduate University in Santa Barbara, California. In addition, Ms. Alaiwat has completed doctoral level coursework (PhD and EdD) in “organizational development and behavior”, “corporate ethics”, “structural inequality and the wealth gap” and “systems thinking”.

Personal Life

Having lived on both the East and West Coasts of the United States, Maram has a very eclectic taste and prefers the simple things in life. She enjoys beach time, dark chocolate, grapefruit juice and John Grisham Jr. novels.

Maram currently resides in Riverview, Michigan but still frequents the Bay Area (Nor Cal) and Southern California region to serve clients and visit with friends. She enjoys spending time with her three sons and family members in Michigan, and when in California, her two horses, Abby and Sky, who she donates to an after-school program in Woodside, CA to help children with special needs.

Many evenings, you will find Maram working with local public-school administrators and the American Lung Association to further the cause of clean air, healthy lungs and smoke cessation. In fact, Maram currently sits on the Detroit Leadership Board of the American Lung Association where she was recently elected as the 2022-2025 Vice Chair after having filled the role of Vice Chair for the past several years.

Maram is also a Trustee of Detroit Public TV and Radio, and enjoys her role helping advise and develop Detroit Public TV and WRCJ Radio, including the Michigan Learning Channel. As a Trustee of Detroit Public TV, which services over 2 million viewers per week in Michigan and Canada, Maram is actively involved in helping connect teachers and parents to free resources that help enhance children’s learning and understanding of our very dynamic world.

When Maram is not working with clients and businesses or supporting education causes, she is exercising her love for reading as an active member of the Detroit Athletic Club’s Literary Club. She also frequents the club with her three sons, who enjoy the “Halal ribeye” and equally robust conversations about the future of our global economy and technology.

Future Projects

Recently, and based on interest from clients and strategic partnerships, Maram has expanded her business to include Texas Health and Money, LLC, a physician dominated private company that intends to help physicians from abroad transition into their new lives here in the United States and when possible, help identify job and other personal and professional development opportunities for their families.

As a former health care administrator and active financial services professional, Maram understands that our healthcare system and education system have two very significant things in common; they are directly interdependent, and they are both extraordinarily regulated and impacted by massive amounts of heavy administrative burdens. With far too little physicians to serve America’s ill, our country relies on foreign physicians to keep America as healthy as possible but these physicians are afforded very little transition support or financial guidance. Likewise, our education system is impacted by limited access to healthcare in many communities, which creates the need for physician transition and their everchanging and evolving roles in health care.

To learn more about Maram’s professional services or events and activities, please visit or,
Maram Alaiwat is a Registered Representative of and offers securities solely through Equity Services, Inc. (ESI), 755 W. Big Beaver Rd., Suite 2050, Troy, MI 48084. ESI is independent of all named entities.

Maram offers securities in the following states: CA, FL, IL, MA, MI, MN, NV, OH, OK, and TX and is insurance licensed in the following states: MI, CA, FL, IL, MA, MN, TX, NV, OH, and OK.

*The Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT), the Premier Association of Financial Professionals, is recognized globally as the standard of excellence for life insurance sales performance in the insurance and financial services industry. Based on sales criteria.

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